Advance   Photography   Workshops

The Advanced Photography Workshop is tailored around the specific needs of the photographer doing the workshop. Contact is made prior to the workshop to discuss what you'd like to learn or impove on during the workshop.

The workshop is taught in a relaxing format, with plenty time for specific questions, viewing images and discussing what you've leanrt during the workshop. A basic understanding in photography is required for this workshop; like understanding the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Exposure.

This workshop can be taught in the following places:
Brisbane CBD, Redcliffe Peninsular, Lake Samsonvale or Lake Eden at North Lakes.

If you'd like to do this workshop at a location that isn't mentioned above, then please contact me as this may incur travelling costs, which is dependent on the distance that I have to travel to the chosen location.

Topics that are normally covered during this workshop include:

  • Why controlling Depth of Field in landscape photography is so important.
  • How to maximise the depth of field in a landscape image
  • Understanding and using Neutral Density Filters to enhance an image
  • Using Neutral Density Filters to capture long exposures of fountains, waterfalls or creeks.
  • How to photograph Panoramic or HDR (high dynamic range)images
  • Do's & Dont's when capturing a set of images for a panoramic image
  • Why shooting in "Raw" is so important in landscape photography
  • Using your cameras Histogram to take better exposed images
  • Composition & viewpoint
  • Tripods & Tripod Heads: which are better for Panorama’s & HDR’s
  • Using Mobile Phone Apps to help you plan your outing to get the results that you're after.

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 2 hours, Cost: $200 or 2 persons/couple $300.
One on One Advance Photography Workshop:
1 person $200 or 2 persons $300
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