Astrophotography Workshops

Astrophotography Workshop (3 hours)

This Astrophotography workshop is ideally suited to photographers keen on learning how to capture images of the Milky Way and learning to take time lapse images of the Southern Celestial Pole. The workshop is taught in a relaxing easy format, with plenty time for specific questions, viewing images and discussing the various techniques taught.
This workshop is normally held on the foreshores of Lake Somerset near Villeneure has it's just over an hour's drive from Brisbane and allows us to photograph some nice images of the Milky Way and the Southern Celestial Pole.

Some of the topics covered during the Astrophotography workshop are:
  • ISO and white balance and the effects they have when capturing images of Stars
  • Aperture and shutter speeds required for Star Photography.
  • Understanding and controlling exposure at night.
  • What Light Pollution is & how to capture Star images when it is present.
  • Tips on Composition for Astrophotography.
  • How to capture panoramic images of the Milky Way.
  • How to capture Star Trail images.
  • Camera Accessories, what they do, and why use them.
This workshop is mostly taught on a One on One basis, but is also taught in a group format about twice a month when there is enough interest for a workshop to go ahead.
More information about the Group Astrophotography Workshops

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 3 hours, Cost: $190 or two persons/couple $250
One on One Workshop Astrophotography Workshop:
1 person $190 or 2 persons $250

All Night Astrophotography Workshop (6 hours)

The All Night Astrophotography Workshops is similar to the 3 hour Astrophotography workshop, expect for the fact that we travel further away from Brisbane, visit at least two different locations and spend more time photographing Stars/Star Trails.
This Workshop is held in locations which are over an hours drive South-West of Brisbane like; Aratula and Lake Moogerah South-West of Brisbane. This allows the photographer to photograph Stars without the effects of Light Pollution.

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 6 hours, Cost: $300 or two persons/couple $400
One on One Workshop Astrophotography Workshop night (7 hours):
1 person $300 or 2 persons $400


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