Landscape, Panorama & Sunset Group Photography Workshop

During this workshop participants will learn how to improve their landscape image by using various way to compose their images. Then you'll learn how to set up your cameras to capture a panoramic image and the photographic accessories that can make taking panoramic images easier and accurate. The last part of this workshop will be spent learning how to capture stunning sunset images on the lakes foreshore. You’ll also learn how to use both Neutral Density filters and Graduated ND filters to enhance you images that you take at this time of the day.

There's heaps of time to ask questions, review images taken and discuss the various techniques taught during the workshop while being guided by me on how to use your DSLR's various methods to photograph landscapes has well has asking questions, and discussing the various techniques taught during this workshop.

Topics covered during the workshop include:
  • ISO and white balance and the effects they have on our images
  • Aperture and shutter speeds required for the various technics taught during this workshop.
  • Understanding and controlling exposure at any time of the day.
  • How using filters e.g: Polarizer, Neutral Density, and Graduated ND filters can help to achieve impressive landscape images.
  • Tips on Composition.
  • How to capture long exposures during the day.
  • How to setup your camera & tripod to photograph panoramas.
  • How to setup your camera & tripod to photograph Sunset images.
  • Camera Accessories, what they do, and why use them.

You'll need the following for this workshop:
  • DSLR Camera and fully charged battery (second battery if you have one)
  • Camera tripod (advisable for taking panoramas and at sunset)
  • Remote shutter cable or IR Wireless shutter Remote Control (remote shutter cord is a necessity if you want to shoot long exposures)
  • Notebook & pen, for note taking
Lake Samsonvale, Joyner. (Other locations may be added at a later date)
Workshop times for 2017:
Workshop Times: 3.30pm to 6.30pm for: October, November & December 2017
Workshop Dates for 2017:
October: Sunday 15th
November: Sunday 12th
December: Sunday 10th

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 3 hours, Cost: $80p.p or $40 two persons/couple
Payment must be finalized by lunchtime the day before the workshop, unless prior arrangements have been made with me.
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Landscape, Panorama & Sunset Group Photography Workshop
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