Adobe Lightroom Classic Workshop

Adobe Lightroom Classic is one of the best, most innovative and intuitive programs for photographers on the market today. Lightroom Classic can help in streamlining your workflow which enables you to spend more time doing what you like doing, which is taking photos.

Some of the topics we cover during the workshop are:
  • Understanding how the Lightroom Catalog works and how to manage it effectively
  • how to use Keyword tags to search for photos in your Lightroom Catalog
  • Maximizing your image's potential by using all the features in the Develop Module
  • How to edit multiple images simultaneously
  • Creating User Presets for different lens profiles
  • Exporting your images out of Lightroom Classic
Lightroom Classic allows you to import your captured images directly into it, and allows you to work on any image format you want. But what makes it stand out from the others is it’s the ease in which you can edit RAW files from any camera manufacturer; be it Nikon, Canon, Sony etc. As well as allowing you to effortlessly edit images for HDR (High Dynamic Range) or photo-stitching (Panoramas) using the Photo Merge feature in Lightroom CC or exporting these images seamlessly into Photoshop.