Night Photography Workshop

The night photography workshop covers a range of topics and camera features, and is ideal for people wanting to learn all about capturing amazing images at night. A basic understanding in photography is required for this workshop; like understanding the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Exposure.

This workshop is held in Brisbane and taught in a relaxing easy format with plenty time for practicing what you're learning and asking questions. There's also time for reviewing images taken and discussing techniques taught during the workshop.

Topics covered during the night photography workshop include:

  • Controlling ISO for night photography.
  • Aperture and Shutter Speeds.
  • Understanding and controlling exposure.
  • Learning to use the Histogram.
  • Using Manual Mode to achieve best results in night photography.
  • Depth of field for creative photography.
  • Which camera modes to use for night photography.
  • Tips on Composition (making your photos more appealing).
  • Camera Accessories night photography, what they do, and why use them.

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 3 hours, Cost: $180 or $250 two persons/couple
One on One Workshop Night Photography Workshop:
1 person $180 or 2 persons/couple $250


based in Brisbane, Queensland

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