Twilight & Astrophotography Group Photography Workshop

Twilight and Astrophotography Group Photography Workshops are ideal for people keen on learning how to capture rewarding images at Twilight and at night of the Milky Way and Star Trails around the Southern Celestial Pole.
There's heaps of time to ask questions, review images taken and discussing the various techniques taught during the workshops while being guided by me on how to use your DSLR's to take rewarding images during the workshop.
Twilight and Astrophotography workshops held at Carneys Creek in the Scenic Rim area:
This photography workshop is held exclusively on a property at Carneys Creek in the Scenic Rim area which I have sole access to, which includes an abounded farmhouse and an old rusting Ute that are highly sort after for capturing photos off. These workshops will also include a twilight photography shoot, where you'll be able to photograph the old farmhouse, the Astin Ute, and other interesting features before nightfall.
During the twilight part of the workshop (6pm > 7pm), I'll help and guide you so that you can photograph some impressive images at this time of the day. If you own ND Filters (Neutral Density Filters), then bring them along, as these will certainly help you capture twilight images.

Once it's dark enough (7pm onwards), the second part of the workshop will start where you'll learn all about capturing images of the Milky Way as well as learning how to photograph Star-Trails of the Southern Celestial Pole.

You don't need to know anything about photographing at twilight or at night, as I will explain and show you through practical means how to do this during the workshop.

Carneys Creek is about a 90 minutes drive South West of the Brisbane CDB, which enables us to capture Milky Way and Star Trail images with little to no light pollution depending on the time of the year the workshop is held.

Topics covered during the workshop include:
  • Best setting for capturing images at Twilight
  • What are Neutral Density Filters, and why using them at Twilight can improve your image.
  • ISO and white balance and the effects they have when capturing images at Twilight and at Night-time
  • Aperture and shutter speeds required for Twilight/Star Photography.
  • Understanding and controlling exposure at night.
  • What Light Pollution is & how to capture Star images when it is present.
  • Tips on Composition for Twilight and Astrophotography.
  • How to capture Star Trail images.
  • Camera Accessories, what they do, and why use them.
You'll need the following for this workshop:
  • DSLR Camera and fully charged battery (second battery if you have one)
  • A wide angle lens (18mm is OK, but if you own a wider lens “16mm or 14mm” then bring it)
  • Neutral Density Filters (If you have them)
  • Camera tripod
  • Remote shutter cable or IR Wireless shutter Remote Control (remote shutter cord is a necessity if you want to shoot a set of time-lapse images)
  • Small torch
  • Notebook & pen
  • folding chair/camp chair
  • Warm clothes
Itinerary for the afternoon/night
  • You'll start the afternoon by learning how to setup your DLSR camera to photograph the Twilight images.
  • Then after night fall you'll learn how to setup your DLSR camera to photograph the Milky Way.
  • You'll then learn how create impressive images using a LED torch to Light Paint an object (Tree, farmhouse or Ute) with the Milky Way above it.
  • You'll then learn to locate the Southern Celestial pole in the night sky which you'll use has your focal point to capture some star trails image around (Tree, farmhouse or Ute).
  • The night will finish with a Questions & Answers time.

Please Note!
There is a 8 person limit for these workshop and your place cannot be confirmed until payment is received. I will send a email to all participants with details of where to meet, and how to get to our locations on the Thursday night prior to the workshop date.
Everyone who attends these workshops will also receive:
  • A 21 page PDF Booklet which has heaps of information relating to how to capture inspiring images at night.
  • A Video Tutorial on how to edit your Milky Way Nightscape images using Adobe Lightroom.

Images taken during some of the group astrophotography workshops at Carneys Creek in 2017.

Dates/Times for Twilight and Astrophotography Workshops at Carneys Creek for 2018:

  • Saturday 13th October, 5.45pm to 9.30pm (Weather Permitting)
  • **There may be clouds about, but this workshop will go ahead unless there's more than 30% cloud cover**
  • **If the workshop does not go ahead a full refund will be issued**

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 3.5 hours, Cost: $100p.p or $180 two persons/couple
**Please read the Group Photography Workshops User Agreement at the bottom of this page before payment.**
Book a Carneys Creek Twilight/ Astrophotography workshop:
1 person $100 or 2 persons/couple $180
Date of Workshop
Your Mobile Phone No:

Group Photography Workshops User Agreement:
  • Payment must be finalized by the Thursday night before the workshop, unless prior arrangements have been made with me.
  • A minimum of 4 persons are needed for the workshop to proceed or the workshop will be cancelled/re-scheduled.
  • If the workshop is cancelled/re-scheduled, you'll have the choice of a full refund or you may chose to attend the next workshop.
  • There will be at least 2 days notice given if the workshop is cancelled/re-scheduled or least 24 hours notice if the workshop is cancelled/re-scheduled due to unfavorable weather forcing the cancelation of the workshop.
  • People attending the workshop MUST notify me at least 3 days before the workshop date if they are unable to attend the workshop. ("Unless this is due sickness or an accident.")
Refund Policy for Group Photography Workshops
  • Refunds are available if I (Charles Niautou Photography) cancels or re-schedules the workshop.
  • Refunds are only available if you notify me at least 3 days before the workshop date.
  • No refunds will be given if you cancel within (2 days) of the workshop date. ("Unless this is due sickness or an accident.")


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