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Photographing wildlife may sound easy and you can be lucky sometimes and capture an amazing image. But, most people soon realise that to consistently capture rewarding images takes knowledge, practice and time to hone your skills.

During the workshop I will share the knowledge that I’ve learnt from photographing wildlife over the years and show you how to make the most of the time you have when you go out to photograph wildlife.

You don’t need a huge zoom lens on your camera to capture wildlife, but a zoom lens of at least 300mm will certainly help you bet closer to your subject.

Most people use DLSR cameras to capture wildlife, but you can also use many of the modern Compact Cameras, as most of these are able to zoom in on object in the distance.

The wildlife photography workshop is tailored around the specific needs of the photographer doing this workshop such as:
  • Learning and understanding the different camera metering modes and how they affect the exposure of the image being taken.
  • Learning and understanding why certain Focus Modes are better than others when photographing wildlife.
  • Learn how to setup your DSLR to maximise your chances of capturing birds in flight.
The workshop is taught in a relaxing easy format, with plenty time for specific questions, viewing images and discussing the various techniques uesd and taught during the workshop.

This workshop is best taught early mornings or late afternoon when the wildlife is most active.

The Wildlife Workshop is held at Lake Eden in North Lakes which has a variety of wildlife for people to learn to photograph:

If you'd like to do this workshop at a location that isn't mentioned above, then please contact me.

Duration & Cost:

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 1 person $170 or 2 persons/couple $240.

**Please read the Photography Workshops User Agreement at the bottom of this page before payment.**
One on One Wildlife Photography Workshop:
1 person $170 or 2 persons $240
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Wildlife Photography Workshops User Agreement:
  • There will be at least 2 days notice given if the workshop is cancelled or re-scheduled
  • At least 24 hours notice will be given if the workshop is cancelled or re-scheduled due to unfavorable weather forcing the cancelation of the workshop.
  • You need to notify me ("Email, Phone, or Text Message") at least 2 days before the workshop date if you are unable to attend the workshop. ("Unless this is due sickness or accident.")
Refund Policy for Wildlife Photography Workshops
  • Refunds are only available if 2 days notice ("Email, Phone, or Text Message") is given before the workshop date. ("Unless this is due sickness or accident.")
  • Please Note! That if you cancel a One on One Photography Workshop within 1 day of the workshop being held ("Unless this is due sickness or accident") that only 80% of the workshop costs will be refunded.